Show career is not in any way essential for a dog to be happy. However, dog shows help the breeder create a good breeding programme and bring a lot of joy and reasons to be proud. That’s why I really appreciate and would like to thank very much all owners of Uszaki puppies who devote their time to join us in this, sometimes crazy, activity. I love our meetings at the shows and I hope you enjoy them as well.

Within just a few years of existence, Uszaki have gathered quite an impressive collection of show successes, especially considering the fact that we don’t have many dogs, and most of them are still very young...

And so Uszaki can boast Best In Show at National Corgi Specialties, Club Winners & Junior Club Winners in Poland, Finland, Switzerland, Estonia, Czech Republic, Moldavia, Slovakia, Latvia and Lithuania, as well as European Winner, Junior European Winner, Junior Central & Eastern Europe Winner & res. Junior World Winner titles.

Uszaki have also been Best In Show Baby, Best In Show Puppy & Best In Show Junior, both at all-breed shows as well as at corgi specialties, Best In Show, Best In Show 2 & Best In Show 4 in Brace competition, Best of Group winners (BOG) & Junior Best of Group winners (BOG Junior), as well as multiple placers in the Best of Group ring.

Uszaki have been made up in many countries, and our brag list includes multiple titles of International, Polish, Finnish, Swedish, Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Russian, Slovakian, Byelorussian, Kazach, Romanian, Norwegian, Nordic and Moldavian Champions & Junior Champions, as well as Polish, Finish, Swedish, Lithuanian, Nordic, Baltic & Moldovian Winners & Junior Winners. .

There have been so many less prominent titles, Best of Breeds, BOB Juniors, BOB Puppies and various CCs, Junior CCs and CACIBs that it is not possible to keep count of them any more.

Finally, at Polish Corgi Club Shows in 2007 & 2008 Uszaki were chosen BOB Breeder's Group (& Best In Show 2), while at the 1st Polish Corgi National Specialty Show in 2008 Uszaki were not only BOB Breeder's Group, but also Best In Show Breeder's Group!

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