It’s all Bert's fault. Or maybe not, It’s all Smok & Smyk’s fault. Those two were the first corgis (pems) that I met. I immediately fell in love, both with their looks as well as character. So much, in fact, that when I finally had the possibility to have my own dog (for 15 years in my family home we had a mix-bred „Ami”- short-legged and long, with erect ears and joyful tail - this picture must have been embedded in my mind) - it must have been a corgi.

 So, Smyk & Smok. Yes, pembrokes are nice, but then I saw a cardigan... My requirements were very limited: I wanted a male, brindle and necessarily with a clear white stripe on his head. Well, not a very professional approach to buying a puppy... Then (in 2001!) it was impossible to find a cardigan puppy in Poland. There were some litters planned for a distant future. I’d looked all over Europe until I finally learnt that there was a brindle puppy in Czech Republic. Luckily, it was a male, he had the white stripe so necessary for me, he had some great pedigree and generally there was only one „but”. The „but” was that he could move to Poland only if I promised to show him in the future. I knew nothing of dog shows then but I though it couldn’t be too difficult, so of course, I promised...

Bert came with me to Poland in the beginning of 2002, for which I will always be grateful to his breeder - Lenka Cerna. He was the 12th (!) cardigan in Poland then. It took him just a few days to wrap me around his paw. And not only me... Two weeks later his sister Budulka came to Warsaw, to live with my friend from work. And after a week I knew I would have another cardigan. I’d always wanted to breed horses (maybe one day...) but breeding horses in the middle of Warsaw doesn’t come easy, so I thought I would start my own kennel breeding cardis. So nobody has problems with getting a puppy of this fantastic breed any more. And so, a few months later, Bert was joint by a little cardi girl - Foka - who, maybe a little plain in the beginning, grew up to be a fantastic cardi girl who, until the moment when she suddenly got to dislike shows, had enjoyed a lot of show successes. As have Bert and other Uszaki.
More about Uszaki’s successes at dog shows you can read HERE.

 Uszaki is not, and never will be, a big kennel. I have just two dogs living with me - Bert & Foka. Two, because for those two I am able to organise a normal, joyful dog life. They take me for long walks in the morning - one or one and half hours on weekdays and two or three hours on weekends (sometimes more, as we happen to loose our way quite often). Is there a better way to start a day than with a walk in the woods? And I take them with me to work, on holidays, to visit family & friends. What would it look like if there were e.g. ten of them?

That’s why those selected dogs that I would like to keep for future breeding live in foster homes, with their own families, where they can lead their normal dog lives. And so two Foka’s daughters - Kropka & Ryfka live near the city of Torun with Ewa Cuper, the Finnish-born Bert’s daughter - Nuta - with Magda Kowalewska in Płock and another Foka’s daughter - Vika - with Mr & Mr Tokaj in Dobrzenica near Warsaw. I am very grateful to all of them for the great homes and great care for my Uszakis. Thank you very much!

Because I have just a few dogs, and puppies are born not very often, I take special care in choosing the parents of Uszaki puppies. Uszaki is the first kennel in Poland which for example went for „a mating trip” to corgi’s home country - Great Britain. I will always strive to breed cardigans that are healthy, beautiful and smart. And I hope they will give their owners as much joy as I’m given by Bert & Foka.

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