I've found the article placed below somewhere in Internet. It was written by Mair Jones-Rees of Gwenlais cardigans. I think no one could better describe what cardigans are. I love this text and I hope the author does not mind me placing it here :

"Hopefully, by now, readers will understand that the Cardiganshire Corgi is NOT a Pembrokeshire Corgi with a tail. So many times I have heard this remark.

Again others will ask "What breed of dog is this? Is it crossed with a sausage dog".

Then they exclaim "Oooh I did not know you could get Corgis in colours other than red. Does he bite? Can I touch him?"

Answers: No, he is not a Pembrokeshire Corgi with a tail. He is a Cardiganshire Corgi and yes he is descended from the Teckel family of dogs which also produced the Dachshund.

He comes in a range of colours red and white, red sable and white, many shades of brindle and white, red point and brindle point tricolour, black and white with brindle points and Blue merle.

No, he does not bite.

Yes of course you can touch him, you can hug him and you can kiss him.


More information:

He is a very friendly dog who adores attention. He is very intelligent, very faithfull and he is best described as a dog with a sense of humour. He is a fun dog.

He is a family dog, wonderful with children, an excellent house dog, but not meant to be a kennel dog. I suppose many will disagree with me BUT I do believe the Cardiganshire Corgi should have his bed on the hearth and live as a member of the family.

Of course he is not an angel !! If he tugs at something that comes off easily, he leaves well alone. If he tugs at something that is difficult to move, then it is a challenge, so he keeps tugging. Be warned!

He is a character and different from all other breeds I have ever owned and bred. How is he different? I can not really explain. You have to live with one to get the answer.

He is a dog who senses your every mood and every step. In fact he is there ahead of you. He is almost human, he expects you to talk to him and he listens. He knows when you are happy and he senses it when you are sad, this is when he snuggles up to you and lays his head on your arm or your lap.

He also knows when you are angry, this is when he scarpers and hides till he feels it is safe to sneak out again and creep quietly towards you.

He enjoys long walks. He loves to roll in fox pooh and looks forward to licking off the tomato sauce which he knows you will then have to rub in his coat to rid this awful smell. Yes, tomato sauce works wonders.

He fits in easily with other animals. He fits in so well, he often gets possessive and herds them into a corner to keep them safe from danger.

He is very obedient and easily trained and although he is a "big little dog" on short legs, he is quite agile and loves to take part in "Agility" classes and "Obedience" competition. The Good Citizens Award should be plain sailing for him as long as his owner is capable of staying the course. Unfortunately I am one of those owners who has not got the courage to do any of this as I know I would have a panic attack half way through and embarrass my pal.

If through reading this article, you think the Cardiganshire Corgi is the dog for you, be prepared to have him as your friend and part of the family for very many years. He is likely to live to a ripe and active old age between 12 and 15 years old. He will have a lot of love to give you, be certain to return it. Talk to him and make him feel needed and appreciated. He is flesh and blood and feels joy and pain. He is not a toy."

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