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piesek trikolorowy Uszaki GRASSHOPPER

piesek trikolorowy Uszaki GUINNESS BLACK

suczka trikolorowa Uszaki GREEN FAIRY

suczka marmurkowa Uszaki GIN&TONIC

The puppies of Sowa (Uszaki ELF OWL) and Bazyl ( BAZYL Dummles) were born on November 12th, 2011. Bazyl is a wonderful young dog, with great character, son of our Baton (Uszaki CHERRY PIE). We have two boys and two girls - one blue merle girl and three brindle-pointed tricolours.

at 2 weeks)
at 4 weeks)
at 7 weeks)

The parents are:

INT & PL & GER Ch, Zw KL SLO '11
Mł Ch PL & SLO & ROM, Mł Zw KL SLO '10, Mł Zw SLO '10

Uszaki ELF OWL "Sowa"

Ch PL, Mł Ch PL & LTU, Zw PL '10
BAZYL Dummles "Bazyl"

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