When I was a puppy, I lived with my sisters and brothers in the Czech Republic.

Photo: Lenka & Pavel Cerny

Very early I managed to win the position of the KING (or so it seemed) and took the rightly deserved throne.

Photo: Lenka & Pavel Cerny

And then, in the middle of the night, came Magda and took me for a long JOURNEY to Poland.

Photo: Lenka & Pavel Cerny

And at the end of the JOURNEY I went for my first Polish WALK!

Photo: Iza Szumielewicz

It's not so bad here, in Poland.

Photo: Iza Szumielewicz

Hurray!! Magda brought to Warsaw my very own sister, BUDULKA, hereinafter referred to as Bubek. Bubek lives at Agnieszka's place.

Photo: Monika Mularska

I started to meet new girls and boys.

And for the first time I went to my favourite place in the whole world - THE STABLE. I really don't understand why I can't stay here forever. I have so much work here. These horses really need a manager...

Speaking about work - I had to go to so called REAL WORK. I don't understand why this is REAL, and that one in the stable is not. But it's not so bad. I still work here.

Photo: Kurt Stengel

When I grew up a bit, I saw something called DOG SHOW. The one on the picture was called CLUB SHOW, so it must have been a bit special. THE DOG SHOW liked me very much, I liked it much less. It seems that we will see each other every now and then. Well...

Photo: Marek Binkowski & Ewa Wawrzynow
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