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Uff. We've finished the show year, at least in Poland. The last, and a very fine as well , accent of this crazy year was the International Show in Kielce, at which still very young Mufka (Uszaki CARROT MUFFIN) won her junior class and thanks to winning her third junior CC in a row she became Polish Junior Champion! Her mum, Vika (Uszaki VILIJONKKA), showed also very well, winning the champion class and then becoming BOS with another CC and CACIB. And now, let's wait for the spring!

10.11 CENTRAL & EASTERN EUROPE WINNER SHOW - TRAF'S great debut and not only...

This year the traditionally most important international show in Poland (Polish Winner Show in Poznań) was even more important, as it was also Central & Eastern Europe Winner Show. It saw the debut of the sixth puppy from Uszaki "sweet litter" - Traf i.e. Uszaki CARAMEL. And what a debut it was... First, Traf won the very strong junior class, becoming Polish Junior Winner and Central & Eastern Europe Junior Winner, and eventually he became Best of Breed Junior as well! Traf, additionally to his nice looks, stood out becouse of his incredible movement. A little bit older Big (Uszaki BIG BEAT) won the intermediate class and then also won res. CACIB and became res. Central & Eastern Europe Winner. Baton and Mufka) got excellent marks and took 4th and 3rd place in their junior classes.
Photos by Jagoda Pietrzak. Thank you!

06.11 RAMBO went over the Rainbow Bridge...

The true atumn began with very sad news. At 14,5 years of age Bert's father - Rambo, left us forever... Rambo, officially Multi Champion Beckrow BEG TO DIFFER was a milestone dog in European cardigan breeding...

21.10 Another WOW for MUUMI...

Muumi (Uszaki MUUMI) this time visited Norway and at the International Show in Tromsa became Best Dog and also Best of Breed and thanks to winning a Norwegian CC he also gained the title of Norwegian Champion . Additionaly, because he is already Finnish & Swedish Champion, this title gave him another one - the title of Nordic Champion! Traditional congratulations to Eeva & Kirsi (and special thanks to Muumi's handler Anette). Photos by Pirjo Lofgren. Thank you!.


Two little daughters of Muumi (Uszaki MUUMI) are going a bit wild in the show ring. Lisja Staja Misterya at two successive shows in Soczi was twice BOB Puppy, and additionally Best In Show Puppy 3 and Best In Show Puppy 2! Meanwhile, her sister Lisja Staja Majolika (photo) in Izevsk was also BOB Puppy and finally also Best In Show Puppy 2! Congratulations to their breeder, Elena, and the owners!
Polina (Uszaki CINNAMON ROLL) in Yekaterinburg on 7.10 was again BOB Junior and Best of Breed and she repeated that great result a week later in Mias!

20.10 MIMSI becomes Champion. Double Champion in fact...

Mimsi (Uszaki BOOGIE WOOGIE) at the International Show in Rakvere (Estonia) was again Junior Winner and later also Best Bitch! And thanks to winning another Junior CC she became Estonian Junior Champion as well as Latvian Junior Champion! Congratulations Mimsi & Kyllike!

7.10 National Show in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki

It was antother good day for Big (Uszaki BIG BEAT) who was first in the intermediate class, won a CC and went BOS, as well as for Mufka (Uszaki CARROT MUFFIN) who was first in the junior bitches class, won her second Junior CC and finally went BOB Junior.
Photo by Agnieszka Doner. Thank you!

29.09 Polina keeps winning...

Polina - Uszaki CINNAMON ROLL, had a nice debut in the Junior Class, winning 2 x Junior CC, and 2 x BOB at two shows in Yekaterinburg. Additionaly, she went Best Of Group 3!

16.09 Junior SUPER-BATON

At the National Show in Zielona Góra, Baton - Uszaki CHERRY PIE - debuted in the junior class in great style, winning his first Junior CC & BOB Junior title,which he follwed by going BOB and in the group ring also Best of Group Junior. Congratulations Ewa!

13.09 TUULI and OTTO are happy parents

Bert’s daughter Tuuli - Pirtek VENTO PRIMAVERA and Foka’s son - Uszaki BLUES BROTHER, have bautiful six puppies, four girls and two boys. The puppies were born in Finland in kennel Pirtek. All are feeling very well.

September - Once again we’re in newspapers

Our second cayaking trip this summer, on a beautiful river called Marózka, was again described in the national daily “Gazeta Wyborcza”. This time Bert & Foka were joint by a boxer girl Jadzia. Jadzia, for whom it was a cayaking debut, had some problems in the beginning, but seemed to catch the drift at the end.

09.09 MIMSI wins in Latvia

At National Show in Ventspils Mimsi - Uszaki BOOGIE WOOGIE, was again BOB Junior and won Junior CC and finally also went BOB. Congratulations Kyllike!

8.09 USZAKI again successful in Warsaw.

After a good day at the International Show in Warsaw, Uszaki repeated their successes at the National Show in the capital city. Young Mufka - Uszaki CARROT MUFFIN - debuted in the junior class with a bang, going Best of Breed Junior and finally also Best of Breed! And the Best (Adult) Bitch was this time Kropka i.e. Uszaki BILLIE HOLIDAY.
Photo on the right by Agnieszka Doner. Thank you!

2.09 MUFKA & MUUMI sucessful in Częstochowa

At the National Show in Częstochowa, Mufka - Uszaki CARROT MUFFIN - was Best Puppy Bitch (comparison beteen her and best male puppy was not conducted).
And Mr Muumi - Uszaki MUUMI was first in the open class and thanks to winning his third Polish CC added to his collection the title of Polish Champion!
Photos by Dominika Caban. Thank you!

1.09 POLISH NATIONAL SPECIALTY. Hurray for Uszaki!

What a show it was this year....
First of all, this year's Polish Club Show hosted the record entry of 141 corgis, including a record group of 60 cardigans (!). This means that it was the third biggest National Specialty in Europe in terms of cardigan entry. Not a bad result for so few years of cardigan breeding in Poland ....

Secondly, the main theme of the show - "Rhapsody in Blue" - turned out to be very valid in cardigans, with BOB, BOS and BOB & BOS Junior being blue merles! Fortunately, no blue pems were to be seen...

Thirdly, the show itself, as well as the aftershow party, were really nice events, with lots of corgi fans present.

And finally, Uszaki showed amazingly well. Big thank you and congratulations to all Uszaki owners, who came to the show. All results and photos from the Show can be seen HERE.

And so, in the puppy dog class the first two places were taken by Baton (Uszaki CHERRY PIE) and Lopkek (Uszaki CREAM PUFF). In the puppy bitch class first place went to Polina (Uszaki CINNAMON ROLL) with her sister Mufka (Uszaki CARROT MUFFIN) right behind her. Polina then went on to become Best of Breed Puppy and finally also Best In Show Puppy)!

The dog Open Class was won by finally "grown up" Paput (Uszaki MUUMIPAPPA) right in front of his litter brother - Muumi (Uszaki MUUMI). In the extremly strong Champion Class Bert (BERTRAM Corlan Gi) came third, while the winner of the Intermediate Class was Uszaki BIG BEAT "Big", who eventually was also chosen Best Adult Male and Club Winner! And in the "home champion" class the first place went to Rufus, i.e. Uszaki BONNY M!

Uszaki girls also did very well. Vika (Uszaki VILIJONKKA) repeated her success from alst year, winning the Open Class (in a bigger entry), while Nutka (Pirtek VENTO NOTTURNO), unfortunatley "too fat"' according to the judge (and not only), was second in very strong Champion Class, just behind Club Winner, Mają. Kropka, also "too well fed", as it was nicely put in her critique, was fourth in the junior class. Foka (Fest ABIGAIL), who lost all of her coat for the summer, won the honorary title of "Most Naked Tail"!

But to be fair with her, she showed very well with her progeny in the final competition ring, becoming BOB and Best In Show 2 Brood Bitch . A few minutes later Bert became BOB and Best In Show 2 Stud Dog And, to top it off, Uszaki were chosen BOB and Best In Show 2 Breeding Grooup!

25.08, 01.09 Bravo MIMSI!!


Mimsi - Uszaki BOOGIE WOOGIE, who lives in Estonia, has lately enjoyed some really nice successes in the show ring. First, at the NAtional Show in Väimela not only was she Best of Breed Junior but later also Best of Breed and to finish it off, the was chosen to be Best of Group 3! She also made the final cut in the BIS Junior ring..
And just a week later at the National Show in Lagedi, Mimsi not only repeated herself by going Best of Breed Junior and later also Best of Breed, but this time she went all the way and became Best of Group 1! I'm told Mimsi makes a great impression with her incredible movement. Contgratulations Kyllike!

18-19.08 Great results in Slovakia

At two successive internatonal shows in Bratislava (Slovakia) Uszaki did really well. On the first day Nutka - Pirtek VENTO NOTTURNO was BOS (with CC, CACIB and Crufts qualification), Kropka - Uszaki BILLIE HOLIDAY, despite being totally "naked", first in junior class and Big - Uszaki BIG BEAT third in junior dogs. On the second day however, BIG was shown for the first time in the intermediate class and went Best Dog (with CC & CACIB), and finally BOB. What's more, Best Bitch title (also with CAC & CACIB) went this time to Kropka . Nutka took a day off.

19.08 ...and in Estonia

Otto (Uszaki BLUES BROTHER) visited Estonia at the same weekend and at the International Show in Tallin was first in the intermediate class and then became Best Dog2, with CC and his first CACIB.

19.08 ...and in Finland

At the National Show in Kouvola "Taavi" (Uszaki BLACK SABBATH) was Best Dog2, winning res. CC. The Best Dog was beautiful Welshtain Aconitum, Club Winner in Finland & Norway & Sweden this year (and a father to Muumimamma's ) puppies, who later became also BOG1 and BIS4! Congratulations!

August - We're in newspapers!


In August two Polish newspapers published articles about our cayaking trips. One of them was printed in the "Mój Pies" ("My Dog") monthly and the second in most popular national daily - Gazeta Wyborcza.

P.S. No, in real life my dogs do not use life-jackets when travelling in a cayak...

12.08 OTTO wins in Helsinki

Otto - Uszaki BLUES BROTHER at Group I Show in Helsinki was Best of Breed Junior and later also Best Dog 2. He won also his next CC.

11.08 MUUMIMAMMA is a mummy

Muumi girl (not Muumi boy) - Uszaki MUUMIMAMMA - became the happy mum of a beutiful bunch of 7 puppies (2 boys and 5 girls). One girl is a brindle pointed tri and the rest of the puppies are brindle. Their dad is a great Finnish dog, Welshtain Aconitum "Samu", Club Winner in Finland & Norway & Sweden 2007. All are doing great.

05.08 BATON vel RUDI Best of Breed Puppy

At the National Show in Legnica Rudi (Uszaki CHERRY PIE) was shown in the puppy class and went Best of Breed Puppy with a wonderful critique. Congratulations and thanks to Ewa!

29.07 POLINA wins at another Corgi Specialty

At the Corgi Specialty in Yekateriburg (Russia), Polina - Uszaki CINNAMON ROLL, was Best of Breed Puppy.

22.07 TAAVI wins in Finland...

Taavi - Uszaki BLACK SABBATH begins to enjoy a succesful career in the show ring.
At the National Show in Hyvinkaa (Finland) he was Best of Breed Junior and later also Best of Breed! He also won his first Finnish CC. This win was even more significant because on the way he beat the beautiful blue merle dog Mandalay's Ultimately Blue, who's been winning almost everywhere lately. Congratulations!

22.07 ...and BIG BEAT in Czech Republic (at National Specialty)

Our first visit at Czech National Specialty Show was a very enjoyable outing. Nice people, maybe a little bit too crowded place, maybe a little too talkative judge... but generally very nice. The best result this time was recorded by Big (Uszaki BIG BEAT) who was Junior Club Winner and BOB Junior. The remaining Uszaki (Nutka, Kropka, Baton) and non-Uszaki bunch (Mojaska, Maja) handled by me, had a day for second places... I still think they showed themselves quite well and I am very grateful for their co-operation.
The photo on the right shows the final cut in the Best of Breed ring, with Big Beat (BOB Junior), Ingvar v.d. Bokemole (BOB, BIS) and CECILIA Corlan Gi - BOS.

16.07 OTTO & TUULI are going to be parents

Otto - Uszaki BLUES BROTHER and Tuuli - Pirtek VENTO PRIMAVERA met for a romantic date in Hamina (Finland) and now let's keep the fingers crossed and wait for the results...

14.07 One more Champion title for TUULI

Bert's daughter Tuuli Pirtek VENTO PRIMAVERA at National Show in Viljandii (Estonia) became BOS with a CC, which gave her the title of Estonian Champion.

08.07 In Warsaw they play BIGBEAT

At this year's biggest show in the capital of Poland - International Show in Warsaw - we had a nice sunny day after a week or two of rain. Beautiful corgis, nice people, a glass of champagne after the show accompanied by home made cakes... what can we want more? To sum up, it was a very nice day.
Especially that Best of Breed title went to Uszaki BIG BEAT, who was also BOB Junior and chosen to the Top5 in the group ring! It was BIG BEAT's third show and in all three he won Junior CCs and became Polish Junior Champion . And what's more, little red Uszaki CARROT MUFFIN debuted as Best Bitch Puppy (there was no comparison with the best male puppy, so although she received the BOB Puppy tag, to say that she was indeed the BOB Puppy would be unfair), while her brother Uszaki CHERRY PIE, who did not show himself well, was placed second in his puppy class.

30.06-7.07 This year we went cayaking on a small river called Wel

It was tough. The river was difficult, the weather was awful... But the dogs were very happy anyway... They did not mind constant rain pouring down on our heads, nor temperatures as low as at the end of autumn... And were happy to hear that this year they will have one more cayaking trip!

01.07 DAKAR's great debut

Dakar (Uszaki CHUPA CHUPS ) made his debut in the showring at the National Show in Olsztyn and became not only BOB Puppy but also Best In Show Puppy 3!

30-31.06 MUUMI - Uszaki's first International Champion

Another great show weekend for Muumi and Tuuli. This time Muumi Uszaki MUUMI at the International Show in Parnu (Estotnia) went BOB with CC and CACIB, adding two more titles to his collection - International Champion and Estonian Champion! Meanwhile, in Lithuania, Bert's daughter Tuuli (Pirtek VENTO PRIMAVERA) went BOS twice at two national shows, winning CCs both times and she became Lithuanian Champion.

24.06 Wonderful debut of MUMMI's daughter

First MUUMI'sllittle brindle daughter called Lisja Staja Misteryia debuted in the show ring at the tender age of almost 4 months at the National Show in Soci, where she became not only BOB Baby, but also BEST IN SHOW BABY 2! Congratulations!

15.06 Pembroke puppies born in kennel Corgon Blue

Szyszka, or officially Nawloc Lisiura, our favourite "walking pal", this time gave birth to three beautiful red pups: two boys and one bobtail girl.
Their father is a young dog imported to Finland from the USA - Trengate Mardi Gras , while Szyszka is undoubtedly the most succesful pembroke bitch in Poland, being Multi Champion, as well as World Winner 2006 and double Club Winner (2004 & 2005)... etc.. etc...
If you would like to have a little beautiful pem at home, please contact me at +48 501 053 726.

09-10.06 Another year, another great day at Finnish National Specialty show

Finnish Corgi National Specialty Show is still the biggest show in Europe in terms of the number of cardigans entered. This year there were about 120 of them (at the European Dog Show that took place on the same weekend there were 17). (!).
Considering all this we did really very well. At the beginning little red Polina (Uszaki Cinnamon Roll) who came all the way from Russia, became BEST BITCH PUPPY. Congratulations Elena!
Adult cardis were judged by Mrs Fran Fricker, an excellent breed expert & breeder from Great Britain.
Wyhodowany przez nią pies wygrał zeszłoroczną klubówkę cardiganów w Anglii. I muszę przyznać, że bardzo podobało mi się jej sędziowanie, nie tylko dlatego, że tak świetnie wypadły moje psy... Sędziowała baaardzo surowo, oceny dobre leciały seriami, bardzo dobre były większością, a doskonałe naprawdę bardzo nieliczne. W niektórych klasach doskonałe dostawał jeden pies...

I tak w najliczniejszej "psiej" klasie (19 psów) - championów, napakowanej prawdziwymi psimi gwiazdami, wystąpił Bercik (BERTRAM Corlan Gi) i zajął doskonałe miejsce 4-te! W klasie młodzieży suczek Kropeczka (Uszaki BILLIE HOLIDAY) - na 19 suczek zajęła miejsce 2, czyli została V-ce Zwycięzcą Klubu Młodzieży ! A w klasie otwartej, największej na całej wystawie (25 suczek (!)) Nutka (Pirtek VENTO NOTTURNO) zajęła miejsce pierwsze ! Chociaż, po polaniu wodą (chłodzenie...) zrobiły się jej straszne loki na pupie... To była druga córeczka Bercika, która wygrała klasę na tej wystawie! A w suczkach championach Vika według sędziny "not positive in movement and carrying too much weight"... co niestety było prawdą, zeszła z ringu z oceną bdb. W każdym razie, do Finlandii warto jeździć, po naukę i po porównanie z największą hodowlą europejską. Nawet nie chodzi tu o wygrywanie, chociaż przyjemnie jest, kiedy wygrywa się w takich stawkach, ale o to, żeby zobaczyć, "co w trawie piszczy".

A w ten sam weekend Otto (Uszaki BLUES BROTHER) został Zwycięzcą Rasy i zdobył swoje pierwsze CC na wystawie krajowej w Kangasniemi!

03.06 Great charity / family picnic in Warsaw

Redakcja miesięcznika "Mój Pies" zorganizowała wielki piknik dwunożno-czworonożny w Powsinie, połączony z pokazami psich sportów itp, na którym odbyło się też wręczenie nagrody dla "Człowieka Roku" - osoby, której działalność na rzecz pomocy pokrzywdzonym zwierzętom przyniosła najwięcej dobrego. Na pikniku odbyło się też małe spotkanie rodzinne, mama Vika i tata Bert spotkali się ze swoimi dziecmi - Lopkiem, Mufką i Batonem i licznymi przyjaciółmi corgowymi i nie tylko. Piknik był bardzo udaną imprezą i bardzo miło nam było spotkać się z Lopkiem i jego panią - Joanna. Lopek, co ciekawe, wychowuje się w towarzystwie rozlicznych psów border collie i chyba już nawet sam zaczyna wierzyć, że jest borderem ... Zachowuje nienaganną linię i podobno jest już prawie tak samo szybki.

27.05 KROPKA wins again in Poland

This time at the National Show in Inowroclaw, where additionally to being BOB Junior Kropka - (Uszaki BILLIE HOLIDAY) - was alsoBest of Breed!

27.05 ... while POLINA does it again in Russia

At the International show in Perm, Polina, (Uszaki CINNAMON ROLL), debuted in the puppy class, becoming BEST OF BREED PUPPY .

27.05 ... and in Finland TUULI becomes Finnish Champion

Bert's red daughter Tuuli ( Pirtek VENTO PRIMAVERA) at Group I Show in Parainen was Best Bitch 2 with a CC and became Finnish Champion. It was only three days after her second birthday (dogs in Finland must win their final CC after they become two to get their champion title). Congratulations Eeva & Kirsi!

18.05 BERT's puppies are born

4 brindle boys and two girls (one brindle, one red) were born at Brawos Bis kennel near Warsaw. All puppies are feelling great and growing like little bears...

13.05 MUMI - after Finland he takes Sweden...

After becoming Finland's Top1 dog, Muumi (Uszaki MUUMI) went to Sweden to Swedish Winner Show in Österbybruk - and there he became BEST MALE, winning Swedish CC and another CACIB, as well as some more titles - this time Swedish Champion and Swedish Winner 2007! Traditional congratulations & thanks to Eeva and Kirsi!

13-14.05 And meanwhile we had some great show results here in Poland

This weekend saw two shows in Płock - on Saturday a Group I Show and on Sunday an all-breed National Show. Because some Uszakis live in Płock, we just had to be there. The Saturday show witnessed the show ring debut of Mr. Big aka Uszaki BIG BEATa, who became Best of Breed Junior. Best of Breed title that day went to Bert, and BOS was Ryfka, who thanks of aquiring her last CC became POLISH CHAMPION! Nuta, Paput and Kropka won their classes.

On the second day Big was this time BOS Junior, while the BOB Junior title went to his sister, Kropka - Uszaki BILLIE HOLLIDAY, whom the judge liked she so much that she became also Best of Breed. Bert was BOS, while Nuta, and Big, Paput and Ryfka won their classes. Kropka still treats shows as fantastic occasions to kiss everybody, including judges, and showing to them her belly ready to be scratched. Despite that she was later also chosen to Top 5 in the group ring.
The weather was fantastic, atmosphere was nice and even the tree-less stadium was quite pelasent. Additional attractions included meeting Dakar's (Uszaki CHUPA CHUPS) owners and Bercik trying his chances as "test jumper" at the agility competition (whic in fact was a qualification to World Championships).

25.04 BERT is going to be a daddy again

New Bert's (BERTRAM Corlan Gi) puppies will be born in the second half of May in Brawos Bis (FCI) kennel near Warsaw. The mum will be cute & young Brawos Abra Kadabra. Brindles, reds and maybe also tricolours are expected. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the happy delivery.

21.04 OTTO once again unbeaten in Estonia

At another Estonian show, this time in Sillamae, Otto, aka Uszaki BLUES BROTHER, went again BOB Junior as well as BOB. Also this time he was chosen to the final six in the group ring. And thanks to winning his third Junior Est. CC, he also became Estonian Junior Champion! Big thanks and congratulations to Eeva!

15.04 Spring corgi meeting in Warsaw

To continue the tradition started last year, Warsaw-based corgi & corgi people met in one of Warsaw's beautiful parks. I was happy to see Bazyli (Uszaki Bee Bop) & family, Rufus (Uszaki Bonny M) & family as well as Baton (Uszaki Cherry Pie), Mufka (Uszaki Carrot Muffin) and Vika (Uszaki Vilijonkka) & family.

14-15.04 I just cannot believe it...

A week after a fantastic debut Polina, aka Uszaki CINNAMON ROLL, went to two next all-breed shows in Chelabynsk (Russia) and at the first one she went BOB Baby and then ...BEST IN SHOW BABY, while at the second one she was again BOB Baby and then... BEST IN SHOW 4 BABY!!! Big big congratulations to Elena & Polina! Cardigans are the best!

07.04 POLINA's sensational debut

Polina, aka Uszaki CINNAMON ROLL, debuted in "show business" at just 4 months of age at an all-breed show in Mias - in the baby class, of course. First she went BOB Baby, and then, as babies went to the common final ring with puppies, she won with all older competitors and became BEST IN SHOW PUPPY !!! Congratulations Elena!

31.03 OTTO wins again

At national show in Rakvere (Estonia) Otto - Uszaki BLUES BROTHER - went BOB Junior as well as BOB and was chosen to the final six in the group ring.

18.03 - NUTKA wins in Katowice

To be precise, at the International Show in Katowice, where Nutka - Pirtek VENTO NOTTURNO) - won the intermediate class and then went BOS with CC and CACIB and, thanks to winning her final CC became POLISH CHAMPION! Congratulations and big thanks to Magda K. & Adam!

08.03 - MUUMI became a father

There were 8 puppies born, 4 beautiful girls and 4 beautiful boys. Three of them are red, the rest are brindles. The happy mum is (Ch RUS & BLR, Zw Kl, Ml Ch RUS & BLR, Ml Zw Kl) Aethyn DEAR MALIKA who lives in Russia in Lisja Staja kennel. Congratulations Vika & Elena!

04.03 - ... and more puppies are on the way...

...at least we hope so. Another beautiful "fiancee" came to Muumi from Fromax kennel in Sweden. Her name is Saaga, officially S Ch All Trade INTIMATE SUGGESTION, and she isa daughter of the famous Blondies NOBLE MAN. If everything goes well, puppies will born at the beginning of May.

03-04.03 - NUTKA wins in Moldovia

Nutka, aka Pirtek VENTO NOTTURNO came back from her long trip to Kishinev (in Moldovia) with many beautiful (hmmm, maybe not so beautiful...) prizes, which she won at three shows (two international, one national), at each of them going Best of Breed. She won 3x CC and 2x CACIB and to top it up, a BOG 3! She also became Moldovian Champion and Moldovian Club Winner of '07!

10-11.02 - Super weekend for B-puppies

Little B-Uszakis from our second litter, enjoyed a fantastic start to the new show season. First, Uszaki BILLIE HOLIDAY, aka Kropka became not only Best of Breed Junior but also Best of Breed at the National Show in Bydgoszcz (at just 9 months and 1 day (!)). And at the International Show in Tallin Otto - Uszaki BLUES BROTHER - became Best of Breed Junior and finally also BOS (at just 9 months and 2 days (!)), winning with beautiful, adult Finish dogs. Congratulations and thanks to Ewa, Eeva, Kirsi and Elena!

Uszaki MUUMI became BEST CARDIGAN MALE in Finland in 2006! That's the result of Finish Corgi Club's classification. Additionally, Muumi collected points in the Best Young Cardigan category, finally taking the 4th place there (he was shown in Junior & Intermediate class only for a part of the year). Second in this category was Bert's daughter, Tuuli (Pirtek VENTO PRIMAVERA) who thanks to that became Best Young Cardigan Female of 2006! She also 5th in general Best Cardigan Female classification. Huge congratulations & thanks to Eeva and Kirsi!
A very nice suprise came also from Foka (Fest ABIGAIL) who was 5th in the Best Brood category, while the Best Stud in 2006 was Polish-bred TIRAMISU LISIURA who lives in Finland. Congratulations!

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