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05.12 Otto on a winning streak

Otto - Uszaki BLUES BROTHER, was BOB Puppy on December, 3rd in Tallin (Estonia), and on December, 4th in Liepaja (Latvia), where additionally he was picked to the best 6 in the BIS puppy ring (from among over 50 BOB puppies)!


For the first time POland was the host to the World Dog Show. Thanks to that we could spend a fantastic day with many corgi-fans from Poland and abroad. It's just a pity that such occasions don't come offen... The dogs did great, with the nicest surprice coming form Bert's red daughter Tuuli aka Pirtek VENTO PRIMAVERA, who first went JUNIOR WORLD WINNER and then BOB JUNIOR, as well as Res. Best Of Breed (the judge, which was a bit strange perhaps, placed all four Winners - two Junior Worls Winners and two World Winners - from 1 to 4 and Tuuli went to number 2!) Hed dad Bert aka Bertram CORLAN GI took excellent fourth place in the extremly strong champion class, while BEST OF BREED PUPPY was the 6-month old Uszaki BILLIE HOLIDAY aka "Kropka", although her main ambition in the ring was to kiss the judge, or at least her presenter. Actually Kropka tried to kiss everybody she met - her co-owner Ewa was even asked if this puppies' name is "Love"... Additionally Uszaki MUUMI was second in the Open Class and Ryfka aka Uszaki PIKKU MYY fourth also in the Open Class. And finally our favourite walk companion Szyszka, i.e. Nawloc Lisiura became World Winner and Best of Breed! Huge thenks and congratulations to Magda, Adam, Ewa, Kirsi, Astrid & Eeva!

Unfortunately, with all the commotion, we did not manage to take almost any pictures, so thee pictures above come from various other occasions. And so, the top row shows Tuuli and Kropka, the middle row features Bert & Ryfka, and the bottom picture shows the proud Szyszka.

05.11 Another little Uszaki cardi wins in Finland

At Helsinki Puppy Show the title of Best Of Breed Pyppy in the entry of 7 little cardis went to Otto i.e. Uszaki BLUES BROTHER. Congratulations and big thanks Eeva & Kirsi.

17.09 Muumi - Finnish & Lithuanian champion!

At national show in Hyvinkää (Finland) Uszaki MUUMI went Best of Breed winning his next CC and thus becoming Finnish and Lithuanian Champion:). Bert's daughter Pirtek VENTO PRIMAVERA, won the intermediate class and then was chosen Best Bitch 3, while Uszaki MUUMIMAMMA was third in Open bitches :)

02.09 Great Club Show for Uszaki cardis

The first weekend of September is traditionally reserved for the most important show of the year - the CLUB SHOW. This year the entry included over 140 corgis! It was very nice to watch fantastic preformance of my little and bigger Uszakis. Only poor Bert, who got sick the day before the show, could not participate and enjoy the great result of his daughters: Nutka - Pirtek VENTO NOTTURNO, who only a week after her 15 month birthday not only won her class, but later became also BEST BITCH and CLUB WINNER (!), and also Tuuli or Pirtek Vento Primavera, who first won her class, becoming Junior Club Winner, and then was chosen Best Of Breed Junior! Foka's childred also did very well, with Uszaki MUUMI winning intermediate class with CC, Vika - Uszaki VILIJONKKA, in spite of her "nudity" was also first in the intermedialte class, while Paput - Uszaki MUUMIPAPPA was third in the open class, in which he was far the youngest, with a great critique and the note that he still need some time to fully develop... Foka herslef placed third in the strong champion class, although she had absolutely no coat on after the puppies and looked a bit like a water rat... And finally Nuta & Paput became the BOB Brace! The photos show Club Winner Nutka (top row), class winners Mumi & Vika, BOB & BIS2 Junior Tuuli, BOB Brace Nutka & Paput and finally the BOB ring with Batman who went BIS and Nutka following him, handled beautifully by Magda K. Huge thanks and congratulations to Magda, Adam, Marta, Ewa, Jarek, Mr & Mrs Tokaj, Kirsi, Astrid & Eevy!

26.08 New champion - Paputek

Hurrey! Another little (or not so little any more) Uszaki cardi, this time Paputek aka Uszaki MUUMIPAPPA (pictured on the left) became POLISH CHAMPION, going BOB at the National Show in Toruń. BOS title went to his sister Uszaki PIKKU MYY aka Ryfka (pictured on the right), while Nutka aka Pirtek VENTO NOTTURNO, became BOB Junior, becoming additionally Polish Junior Champion! Big thanks and hugs to Magda, Ewa & Adam!

30.07 Another Mumin winnings!

At the Int. Show in Mikkeli (Finland) Uszaki MUUMI again had a great day, going Best Of Breed and winning his 13th CC and third CACIB. Bert's daughter Tuuli - Pirtek Vento Primavera was first in the junior class and Best Bitch3 with ResCC. Muumi is currently the LEADER of two Finnish rankings: for best cardi male and best young cardi in Finland, while Tuuli is second in best young cardigan and sixth in best female cardi ranking, although she is just over one year old!

1-9.07 Holidays! Hurrey!

We went for a short vacation break to a canoe trip in the beautiful region of Drawa Lakeland in north-west Poland. It WAS fun!!! And while we were running through forests and swiming in lakes and rivers, others worked hard, but what results they had! On 02.07 Nutka i.e. Pirtek VENTO NOTTURNO was Best Junior and Best of Breed at National Show in Olsztyn and on 09.07 Paputek i.e. Uszaki MUUMIPAPPA went BOS, with CC and CACIB at the big Int. Show in Warsaw. Congratulations and big thanks to Magda K & Adam!

22.06 VIKA first Uszak's champion and TUULI Best of Breed


What a weekend it was! On 17.06 Uszaki VILIJONKKA went BOB at Int. Show in Szczecin, winning CC and CACIb, and what's the best, becoming POLISH CHAMPION! And in Finland Bert's daughter Pirtek VENTO PRIMAVERA again was Best Of Breed, this time at a National Show in Tuuri. Wow, this is three times running ...

21.06 Puppies finished 6 weeks !

Uszaki puppies are six weeks old now, big and very very cuddly. New photos can be seen in PUPPIES !

9-10.06 MUUMI and VIKA get wons on Finish club!

Our trip to Finnish Corgi Specialty was a real success thanks to fantastic performace of Uszaki MUUMI and Uszaki VILIJONKKA. In the record entry of 321 corgis (including over 170 cardis) both MUUMI and VIKA won their classes (intermediate) and later VIKA won one of three CC's, and MUUMI not only won another CC to his collection, but alsa was chosen BEST DOG! BIG congratulation and thanks to Eeva and Kirsi! At European Dog Show the next day, they both were again first in their classes and Muumi addidiotnally won ResCC! The photos show the BOB cardi (Geestland's Kitimat) and BOS - Muumi; Best Dog line-up, and intermediate class line-up.

30.05 Little Uszak's had three weeks!

Baby Uszak's are three weeks old!

28.05 TUULI Winner of Breed and Group!

Another great day for Bert's red daughter Pirtek VENTO PRIMAVERA! Just three days after her first win, she went Best of Breed again, this time at a Nat. Show. And what's best, she didn't stop there, but later also won the Group final!! Congratulations Eeva and Kirsi!
Photo: E. Lampikari i K. Hotanen

27.05 BERT jumps and make slaloms!

The start of new agility competition season was a great success for us. At huge IAL competion in Peciace near Warsaw Bert & me, Magda, WON Agility Open and IAL and Agility + Jumping combined and came second in Jumping Open!
Photo: J. Korytkowski

25.05 First Best of Breed for Tuuli!

Little red Bert's daughter Pirtek VENTO PRIMAVERA celebrated her first birthday yesterday (best wishes to her and all her littermates, especially my little Nutka!) by going Best OF Breed at Grooup Show in Orimattila (Finland) and winning her first CC!
Photo: E. Lampikari

24.05 Two weeks is very serious...

Little USZAKIS are two weeks old and see the world through their own eyes! New photos in the PUPPIES section!

21.05 Ohh, Mumi..

Uszaki MUUMI again had a very good day. At Int. Show in Helsinki we won the intermediate class and later became BOS, winning his eleventh Finnish CC and a CACIB!
Photo: E. Lampikari

14.05 We love furries

We attended a special event called "LOVE YOUR FURRY FRIENDS" in Warsaw, which was aimed at raising funds for four small animal shelters in the Warsaw region.


WE HAVE PUPPIES!. There are 8 of them, all healthy, round and beautiful. Please visit the PUPPIES section!

22-23.04 We visited TATA

At Int. Show in Tata (Hungary) Uszaki MUUMIPAPPA was BOB on the first day and BOS on the second, winning CC and CACIBS on both days, while Uszaki VILIJONKKA went BOS with CC and CACIB on her only showing (on the first day).

19.04 Show news

A little show up-date. At Int Show in Lappeenrata (Finland) on 10.04 Uszaki MUUMI was BOS with a CC and CACIB, and at the Int Show in Tampere on 18.03 Best Dog 4 (over 50 cardis present). This same show saw the debut of little red Bert's daughter Pirtek VENTO PRIMAVERA who was second among 6 junior bitches. And in Poland at Nat. Show in Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki on 9.04 Uszaki VILIJONKKA went BOB, while Uszaki PIKKU MYY won the intermediate class and gained her second CC.

09-10.03 CRUFTS and not only!

We're expecting cardigan puppies! Foka (Int.Ch. Fest Abigail) just returned from England where she celebrated a romantic date with Mr.Arthur (Grand Aus Ch Bethwyn Music Man), who came all the way from Australia (!) and we hope that their puppies will be born in the beginning of May. Foka is to be thanked for chosing excellent time for her randez-vous - exactly on the corgi day at Cruft's (it must be a good sign...), so we were also able to visit corgi rings in their homeland (almost 80 cardis and over 160 pems). Above there is a (very) short report from our trip. The first picture shows cardi BOB - Grangefield Inquisitive & BOS - Blondie's Noble Man. The bitch came all the way from USA and nice of her it was, as she was pretty amazing. The next picture shows the future dad of little Uszaki puppies - Arthur, who despite of his veteran age looked smashing. Arthur lives with three of his children, two of whom you can see in the bottom row: first his daughter who went BOB Puppy at Cruft's and then his son who was BOS Puppy. Please visit the Puppies section to find more info about the planned litter.

21.02 Mumin big success

Already a few weeks ago show rankings for 2005 were published in Finland - and Muumi Uszaki MUUMI did really well! He is No 1 Young Cardi Male '05 and No 2 Young Cardi '05 in Finland (this ranking covers entries from Junior and Intermediate classes), as well as No 4 cardigan male '05 (all classes)! And for half a year Muumi was shown in puppy classes, not collecting any points at all... Big thanks & congratulations to Muumi's owners & handlers: Eeva i Kirsi!

12.02 Valentines success of Nutka and Ryfka

At St.Valentine's Day National Dog Show in Bydgoszcz Nutka i.e. Pirtek VENTO NOTTURNO (on the left) became BOB Puppy, while the BOB title went to Ryfka i.e. Uszaki PIKKU MYY (on the right). Big thanks & congratulations to Magda, Ewa & Adam!

16.01 Little babies

The babies are sooo cute and, what's even better, sooo well-behaved...

15.01 Another success of Tuuli

On a Puppy Show in Lahti the little red Bert's daughter Pirtek VENTO PRIMAVERA "Tuuli" once again was BOB Puppy.

15.01 Great success of MUUMI

Uszaki MUUMIMAMMA "Muumi" (on the picture on the left, on the right is her room-mate Bebi) was BOB at a Group show in Lahti, winning her first CC! the jusge was very strict, awarding only one excellent mark (to Muumi) among 10 bitches!

Photo: A. Relander

07.01 Children of Szyszka

Szyszka's (Int.Ch. NAWLOC Lisiura) puppies are 5 weeks old and they are becoming cuter and cuter every day.

06.01 Opening the season

Another Bert's daughter "Hertta" Pirtek VENTO D'LUNA debuted in the show ring at International Show in Kaajani (Finland) and followed in her sisters' "pawsteps" becoming BOB Puppy!

Photo: Kaisa Saranpaa

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